With over 700 wines from 20 countries and the United States, we are the “in place” for wine in southern Indiana. Our well organized and clean showroom makes it easy for you to shop for that perfect wine by choosing a country or by picking a varietal from our domestic sections. Our wine department is easy to navigate with sections devoted to local, domestic, imported, sparkling and dessert wines.

Our trained staff will help you find the perfect wine for any occasion, and can also help you with food and wine pairings. We offer in store wine tastings and have a wine cuvee where wines are available for sampling whenever you visit our showroom.

Be sure to check out wine displays throughout the store for new arrivals and special bargains. With our extensive selection and wine knowledge, we are southern Indiana’s most complete wine store.

So whether you’re shopping for wine from a local Indiana winery, California, Oregon or one of the many imports from around the world Northside will fill the bill with our wine knowledge, extensive selections and completive pricing.


  • 1. There are 30 calories in one ounce of wine.
  • 2. There are five servings in a 750ml bottle of wine.
  • 3. The Carmenere grape was mistaken for years in Argentina for Merlot.
  • 4. “Nose” in wine lingo means the aroma you get when you first pour wine into your glass.
  • 5. Pouilly-Fuisse is actually 100% Chardonnay from Burgundy France.
  • 6. Pouilly-Fume is actually 100% Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux France.

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